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Celebrating 15 years!

Tango Turns Presents


A tango celebration like no other ... with

tango's preeminent couple

Gustavo  &   Giselle

Naveira         Anne 

Valstival - Heart.jpg

To learn more about Gustavo and Giselle and

why nobody  surpasses them

as the preeminent couple in Tango;

why they and nobody else are best able to

bring out the best tango dancer

in YOU

as they have for thousands of other tango dancers

all over the world,

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An Argentine Tango Festival Like No Other!

25-28 (last weekend of) April 2019

Carpinteria (Santa Barbara) & Ventura CA


  • A special multi-media presentation of an intriguing Vals discovery, sure to warm your heart! 

  • A Group Performance!

  • Spectacular Performances by tango's preeminent couple

Gustavo         Giselle

Naveira           Anne  


also teaching

"The Total Vals" Seminar

(6 hours in 4 sessions)


Tango & Milonga Workshops

(90 minutes each)


ALSO ...

  • Beginner's & Advanced Beginner's Program: Click,

  • Advanced Structure workshop, and


Fardad & Lucia Serry


Tango Fashion & Shoes by Yolanda Rossi


AND ...

  • Milongas and Practicas

  • Dance fashion and accessories for sale,

  • and much more ...

Schedule of

Gustavo and Giselle's Workshops

Carpinteria (South Santa Barbara) Location

  • Friday 7-8:30pm Tango Workshop #1.


  • NEW TIME: Saturday 12:30-2pm "Total Vals" Seminar Session #1.


  • NEW TIME: Saturday 2:30-4pm "Total Vals" Seminar Session #2.


  • Saturday 7-8:30pm Milonga Workshop #1.


  • Sunday 1-2:30pm "Total Vals" Seminar Session #3.


  • Sunday 3-4:30pm "Total Vals" Seminar Session #4.




Tentative Schedule

  • Thursday 9-11pm Practica. Ventura Location.

  • Friday 9:30pm Milonga. Ventura Location.

  • Saturday 9:30pm Blue Moon Milonga

A group performance; then Gustavo and Giselle's  exquisite performance. Plus a very special audiovisual presentation of an intriguing vals discovery to warm your heart! Carpinteria Location.


Fardad & Lucia's

Workshops Schedule

at Ventura Location.

  • Thursday 6-7pm Ventura Fundamental Structure Workshop, Beginners welcome; strongly recommended also for experienced dancers taking the Advanced Structure Workshop next.

  • Thursday 7:15-9pm Ventura Advanced Structure Workshop.

15 couples limit.  Singles welcome subject to role balance.

  • Thursday 9-11pm Practica. Ventura Location



  • 4647 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA 93013. All Gustavo & Giselle events. California Gold Ballroom Dance Studio.

15 minutes south of Downtown Santa Barbara.​

  •  1937 Goodyear Ave Ste 702, Ventura, CA 93003.  Fardad & Lucia's workshops and practica.

30 minutes south of Downtown Santa Barbara.​

  • Additional locations/events may be announced.


To Register

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Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

The tango's preeminent couple, are unrivaled in their genius of dancing and of teaching the Argentine Tango.

It's your turn to experience it first-hand!

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Class I + Practica

5-6:15pm Open House (free) for New Partner Couples.

"Dance Tango Tonight!"

Free admission with preregistration for partner couples: please send email with your names to This class is also open to our existing customers at the usual price (below).

Class II + Practica

6:25-8:15pm (with 10 minute mid-session break)

"Musical Turns"

Open to singles and partner couples


In Class II, among other things intermediate level understanding of the structure rooted in the system of turns is assumed. If you have studied tango with us fewer than 50 hours, we strongly suggest taking Class I first where some required prerequisites for Class II are reviewed.

Discounted Online Registration Prices per Person

(PayPal buttons below)

Class I & practica: $29. (Free on March 23 with online registration for new partner couples).

Class II & practica: $34.

Both classes & practicas: $44, with $10 continuity refund for attendees of our last SB event (or with COVID-related pre-notification absence).

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