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We dance Argentine tango

for the love of music,

the joy of connecting to the partner, and

the exhilarating freedom to improvise and create!

Classes are guaranteed to engage the mind (left brain, right brain) and the body. The Argentine tango dance has a reputation for being difficult to learn, but we firmly believe that in the right environment, with the right teacher, it is not only accessible, but easy and enjoyable to learn for almost everyone. We teach through clearly-defined technical, musical, and structural elements that remove barriers to progress and enjoyment, and that make the learning easier. Also, you won't have to memorize steps!

Our methods bring tango dancers together, not separate them by so-called styles: "Salon", "Nuevo", "Milonguero", "Open-embrace", "Close-embrace", etc.

Everything we teach is meant to be useful for social dancing at a Milonga, and also for dancers with performance aspirations.

Dancing the Argentine tango well to the music demands intense attention to the partner and a command of fundamental technique rooted in the structure of the Argentine tango dance. That structure is NOT associated with a style. It is universal.

Since 2003 we have taught hundreds of tango dancers by emphasizing the things we can articulate unambiguously and teach effectively. We've done this without suggesting that we can teach anything meaningful about subjective concepts like passion, romance, elegance, ... You, the dancer will bring your subjective take to the dance; and that is what makes every tango dancer and every dancing couple unique. Our approach hastens progress, and, we have found, enhances the enjoyment, not only of the dance itself, but also of the learning process. We teach without pigeonholing dancers into hyphenated so-called "styles" of tango. Consequently, many of our students can confidently dance well not just with their own regular partners, but also with other dancers when they choose.

We invite you to come explore and dance the Argentine Tango with us!


In our classes you not only can learn fast and efficiently, but also understand WHY, HOW IS IT that you can learn well and retain what you learnTo be added to our mailing list, please send email to:

Learn more about our methods and teaching:

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810 E. Gutierrez St.
CA 93103


25 May, 22 June.

Details below.

Events have no refund except if we cancel them.



Fardad Michael Serry


Lucia Ma Serry


 2011 Auto Center Drive

Oxnard, CA 93036


3 June, 2024


Structural approach to learning tango 


(w/ 15-minute mid-session break)

$25 singles.

$40 partner couples.

Cash or Zelle (below). No cards.


 810 E. Gutierrez St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93103


25 May 2024.

La Milonga de Santa Barbara

pre-milonga dance class:

El Vals!

Class: 6pm-7:10pm

Milonga: 7:15pm-10:15pm+

Class $20.

Milonga $25.

Class+Milonga $35.

CASH or ZELLE (below).

For PayPal (+$1) please repeat purchase for each dancer because host company disabled multiple purchase buttons.

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