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COVID19 full vaccination is required for attending our group tango events.

Thank you for visiting our Events Calendar!

We dance Argentine tango for the love of music, the joy of connecting to the partner, and the exhilarating freedom to improvise and create!

Dancing tango well to the music demands attention to the partner and a command of fundamental technique rooted in the structure of the Argentine tango dance.

That structure is NOT associated with a style: "Salon", "Nuevo", "Milonguero", "Open-embrace", "Close-embrace", ... 

Classes are guaranteed to engage the mind and the body. We make the learning easier and more enjoyable by offering unambiguous, clearly-reasoned alternatives to confusing and contradictory ideas that bedevil tango students and teachers alike. All material is useful for social dancing at a Milonga, and also for dancers with performance aspirations.

Since 2003 we have taught hundreds of tango dancers by emphasizing the things we can articulate unambiguously and teach effectively. We've done this without suggesting that we can teach anything meaningful about subjective concepts like passion, romance, elegance, and love. Our approach avoids giving false implicit promises, hastens progress, and, we have found, enhances the enjoyment of the dance. We have done this without pigeonholing dancers into hyphenated so-called "styles" of tango: salon-tango, nuevo-tango, milonguero-tango, ... Our approach and philosophy brings dancers together, not separate them
. Consequently, many of our students can confidently dance well not just with their own regular partners, but also with other dancers when they choose.

100 E. Carrillo St. 
CA, 93101


To be announced.

Details & Registration Below



Santa Barbara

100 East Carrillo St., Downtown, SB, CA 93101.

(Carrillo Recreation Center)

Date and time to be announced.

No Drop-ins.

Full COVID19 Vaccination Required.


Ventura County

2011 Auto Center Drive (behind Costco)

Suite 109

Oxnard, CA 93036.

No classes scheduled at this time.


Los Angeles

19320 Ventura Blvd.

Los Angeles (Tarzana), CA 91356.

No classes scheduled at this time.



Santa Barbara

Date & time to bee announced.

6:30pm Warm-up practica.

6:45pm Class (90 min).

8:15pm Practica.

8:30pm End.

Class topic

To be announced

with Fardad & Lucia Serry


No drop-in admission.

Having a partner is required.

(Send partner search request to

Proof of full COVID19 vaccination is requested and required.

100 East Carrillo St. (Carrillo Recreation Center).

Downtown Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

$32 per person.

$10 cash back for first-time customers.

Pay below:

(No Drop-in)

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Click on "Buy now" blue button above, and then use red-circled button that will look like you see below.

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