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This is what our students have told us, but without ever being asked.


UNSOLICITED Testimonials

  • "I have truly enjoyed all my tango lessons with you! They put a smile on my face. All the best with the wonderful tango world you’re building." From Anita Eubank, Santa Barbara, CA.

  • "You are a fabulous festival host and I look forward to attending another one of your festivals." Keith Polin, Albuquerque, NM.

  • From Cathy E. in Los Angeles January. "I have learned more from you in 6 classes than all that I have learned in other places so far" (Cathy E. was dancing for more than one year.)

  • From Cathrine in Santa Barbara. "I have learned more from you in 2 hours than I have in my other tango classes in the last 6 months".

  • From M. A. of Santa Barbara, CA. "Thanks for making our year more musical and graceful.  I know I and my dance partners have thoroughly enjoyed your teachings and your wonderful sense of humor."

  • From A. A. Santa Barbara, CA. "Thank you for the gift of dance which you strive so hard to impart upon us. We are very lucky to have the quality of lessons and the consistency.

  • From L. T. in Somis, CA. "You are an exemplary instructor ... your attention to detail is outstanding."

  • From L. R. Santa Barbara. "I've been working on my turns and exercises you showed us.  I'm improving and loving it. You are an exceptional teacher, very passionate about tango, articulate and precise.  I have great respect and admiration for you. Thanks, L."

  • From Dr. G. K. Santa Barbara. "Dear Michael, Thank you for your passion and commitment."

  • From A. W. Los Angeles. "Your passion in teaching tango makes me want to learn :)"

  • From M. J. D Los Angeles. " ... You are both terrific teachers and dancers."

  • From D. H. "... Many thanks for your great instruction, the personal attention, and the inspiration you always provide. "

  • From Kathy and Rick's website: "Friday. September 2, 2005 Tango and Milonga Class with Fardad Michael Serry and Julie Stillman. . . Rudenko School of Dance, Santa Barbara. Going to this class was a surprise present from my daughter. Fardad Michael Serry and Julie Stillman are exceptional teachers, with constantly watchful eyes. Thus they are able to assist each student individually, with the right thing said at the right time. Even as a one time visitor, there are several suggestions that Michael made to me that I will never forget!"

  • From S. A. "... Thank you so much for your hospitality and great workshop and milonga. We really had fun and I must congratulate you for a nice group of dancers that you gathered around."

  • From K. C., Santa Barbara. "you are a caring person, which is one of the reasons why you are such a good teacher. With best wishes, Keith".

  • From L. R., Santa Barbara. "You are incredible teachers, and Michael, your passion for the dance touches something deep inside of me.. It brings the dance to life..."


  • From E. R. Westlake Village. " ... Thank you so much for sharing Tango with me. I truly appreciate your excellent thoughtful and soulful teaching."

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