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"Tango for the few" is for you who want to dance at very high level musically and technically, including in performances if you like. This does not necessarily mean dancing complex sequences.

To express them in the dance, we explore overt and subtle ideas in the music of tango's Golden Age, and some of the more modern compositions. We find some guidance for expression in the inspirational dancing of dancers we like (examples below). The rest, we create as we go. We dance and teach like no other dancers in our region, Southern California.

Focused attention to musical and technical detail defines "Tango for the few".

You will need to come with a partner, or as solo follower to the "Tango for the few" sessions, in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Oxnard, CA. Full COVID19 vaccination is required.

For information about the sessions please send an email, with information about you, and your experience and interest in tango dancing, and your availability.

Inspiration  (Gustavo & Giselle)

Inspiration  (Chicho & Juana)

Inspiration  (Lorena & Gianpiero)

Inspiration  (Federico & Ines)

Inspiration  (Chicho & Moira)

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