Brick Wall

"Tango For The Few" is our evolving program mainly for you who have the desire and seriousness of intent to dance tango at levels that justify performances for audiences. You are also welcome to join if you are not interested in performing. In social dancing at milongas too, we dance nearly all of the material we cover in this program.

We find inspiration for example in these videos:

Inspiration  (Chicho & Moira)

Inspiration  (Gustavo & Giselle)

Inspiration  (Chicho & Juana)

Inspiration  (Lorena & Gianpiero)

Inspiration  (Federico & Ines)

We explore wider and deeper the vast repertoire of the recorded music of tango's Golden Age, and some of the more modern compositions.

You will need to come with a partner to the "Tango For the Few" sessions.

For information about current program please send us an email, with information about you and your experience and interests as related to tango dancing.