Structure Seminar

"on Leading"

Change your understanding of "The leader"

for good

for ever!

It is Free for your partner

and Having a partner is required.

The tango dance has a structure. Any leader can learn it to remove the shackles off the feet,

to free up the mind


Any leader can learn it.

But only one teacher can teach it here in Southern California!

Don't believe it?

Then never mind.


Join me, and I will open for you a giant window into the world of tango dance that you will never, ever close.

Pushing the partner like a shopping cart supposedly to learn "the tango walk" ...

Stepping around a chair or salad bowl supposedly to learn "the molinete" ...

Taking part and even winning competitions that judge the strength of belief in tango dogma ...


They produce tango caricatures.

The tango world is littered with tango caricatures,

mindlessly and obediently regurgitating the same stale, boring, uninspiring steps and snapshots over and over, and posting them on facebook!



L O S   A N G E L E S


12-14 October 2019

Progress you can sense immediately,

and keep forever.

See price table below.

Friday 12 Oct.

7pm – 9pm

The Code and its Alterations.

Friday Location:

1937 Goodyear Ave Ste 702,
Ventura, CA 93003.

Saturday 13 Oct.

7pm – 9pm

Structural Identities: Boleos, Ganchos. 

Saturday Location:

19320 Ventura Blvd.

Tarzana (Los Angeles), CA 91356.

Sunday 14 Oct.

7pm – 9pm



Saturday 29 Sept. (Ventura).

7-8pm Tango Workshop #1 $15.

8:10-9:30pm Tango Workshop #2 $20.

9:30-10pm(+) Pactica $5 (only available with workshops).

Discounts pre-registered online:

Two workshops & Practica $30.

Sunday 30 Sept. (Tarzana).

7-8pm Milonga Workshop $15.

8:10-9:30pm Tango Workshop #3 $20.

9:30-10pm(+) Pactica $5 (only available with workshops).

Discounts pre-registered online:

Two workshops & Practica $30.

Maximum Discount

Two-day Full Pass (6+ hours of tango)

pre-registered online



We are the only teachers of Argentine tango on the West Coast who have been studying continuously for 19+ years combined with the world's preeminent tango couple. This is the reason our students dance very well, more confidently, and with more partners easier than students who follow teachers.

We cover technique, musicality, and structural fundamentals in the context of things we can immediately dance at milongas. We teach about partner roles in clear, unambiguous terms that define precisely what the dancers do; far superior to the vague concepts typically used for explaining leading and following, and much more meaningful and useful than subjective concepts like passion and romance. We identify the essential corporal, temporal, and musical features of the code that makes truly improvisational Argentine tango dance possible AND accessible to all leaders and followers who believe the tango dance can be approached as an art and a science.

We train dancers who prefer top-tier quality of instruction. You can try it for yourself and discover the difference between true professional dedication to teaching YOU how to dance really well and everything else that passes for tango teaching.

To learn more about

Fardad Michael Serry and Lucia Ma Serry

click here.

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