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Special Programs

For the social dancers with the desire, the discipline, and the seriousness of intent to dance clean, crisp, and with timing precision. Also for dancers who are interested in the tango dance as a performing art.


General Topics Covered include:


"The Tango Walk"

Elsewhere, social dancers are taught to appreciate the "art" of pushing the partner like a shopping cart as "The Tango Walk".


Aside from the embrace, no other topic is a bigger source of misunderstanding and confusion in tango than the walk. We will walk the real tango walk, focusing on technical imperatives consequent through the structure to navigation requirement and the bear minimum musicality requirement which is absolutely non-negotiable and anything but subjective. 

Dancing Grounded.

Dancing grounded is probably the most prized and yet difficult to describe quality that skilled tango dancers seek in a partner. Dancing grounded has many dimensions. We teach how to become a better grounded dancer, and how to quickly identify a grounded dancer, and look forward to hopefully dancing our best tandas (sets) with her or with him. Select videos of model grounded dancers will be the pre-class study material.

The Structure of Argentine Tango Dance.

Even though this structure is now well understood and taught properly by a few teachers, worldwide the vast majority of teachers and dancers are still nearly completely in the dark about it. This is because impaired by dogma, they cannot or refuse to believe that the tango dance, like all other forms of artistic expression, can be taught and learned much more effectively and efficiently when it is understood and respected far beyond a hodgepodge of steps and ideas. The structure is the single most critical part of the dance to understand and use if a tango dancer is to develop his or her potential beyond settling for duplicating caricatures of the dance for the immediate satisfaction of posting pictures on social media.

The upcoming series of Special Programs in Tarzana/Los Angeles and Oxnard covering these topics are on our Calendar of Events.

To learn more about Fardad and Lucia Serry

click here.

For the last 5 years in a row, the world's most well-respected, best tango teachers came to Santa Barbara and LA to teach workshops and seminars in tango. Did your teachers make the effort to study with them even ONCE? If not, then you are spending your time and money with people who are not interested in your progress, but just in "being the teacher" and having you listen to them and do what they say. Some people get great satisfaction from telling people what to do and watch them do it. You are very kind to give them that satisfaction, but you are getting nothing of value to keep in return. And you are also ignoring far better alternatives. If you do one day find the qualified teachers, and decide to learn the real stuff, you will have to unlearn an awful lot of things you invested in learning up to that point.


The longer you wait, the more difficult it gets, and finally impossible. That is because when adults invest in something, they will do a lot of illogical things to see that it pays off even when every evidence is given to them that it won't.

We do not waste your time and money having you push the partner like a shopping cart, supposedly "to learn the tango walk"; or press your chest into the partner's chest, or dance on the balls of your feet, supposedly "to have a better connection"; or step around an inanimate object like a chair or a salad bowl, supposedly to learn the "Molinete" or giro (or the turn) ; or collect your feet between steps supposedly for (for what?)


These destructive habits are taught and learned absent competent and qualified instruction. Far better ways for good technique and connection exist and we teach them.

We do not pigeonhole our students into "close embrace" or "open embrace" or "nuevo" or "milonguero" or "salon" so-called styles of tango. These classifications are misguided by a lack of understanding and poor teacher training and serve only to separate tango dancers. We strive to bring tango dancers together, not label them into separate bins.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in tango dancing, we invite you to come and try a taste of teaching that absolutely nobody this side of Boulder, CO offers. That is because we teach according to the gold standard set by the world's top couple, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne.

Don't you think you deserve it? 

We think you do deserve it!


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