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Program  & Registration

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

World's Preeminent Tango Couple's

 Only 2017 West Coast Engagement.

Santa Barbara

11-13 August

Venue & Parking

The Santa Barbara Dance Center

127 West Canon Perdido St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA

(click here for pictures of studio)

Best Parking Option is

City of Santa Barbara Parking Lot 2.

Only a block and a half from the studio.

920 Chapala Street.

Seminar Requirements & Format

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne do not discriminate between dancers with different levels of experience. Although the material of the Seminar "The great 4: Boleo, Sacada, Barrida, and Gancho"  is at a high level, there is no specific requirement for the a dancer to participate in the Seminar. Even beginners with limited experience are welcome to the Seminar so long as they are willing and eager to be challenged and work harder than in a typical workshop or class elsewhere.

  • Singles and partner couples are equally welcome; singles will rotate partners.

  • The Seminar will register exactly the same number of leaders and followers.

  • Both roles, leading and following, are open to both genders.

Each dancer must

1) register either as single leader, or single follower, or as a part of a duo constituting a unique partner couple.


2) Declare with his or her payment the role (leading or following) for which (s)he intends to register;

3) dance only the role for which (s)he is registered;

4) rotate partners as described below:

  • Registered Singles MANDATORY Partner Rotation 

        ALL Registered SINGLES of the full-3-day Seminar without exception will rotate partners according to a methodical, orderly system we have pioneered which Gustavo and Giselle approve. In this system, in every seminar session all Registered Singles of the full-3-day Seminar rotate partners at least three times (at least every 20-30 minutes). No Registered Single of the full-3-day Seminar is matched or stuck with one partner, and no Registered Single of the full-3-day Seminar is exempt from this partner rotation.​ A Registered Single of the full-3-Day Seminar May Not Choose an exclusive partner from the pool of Registered Singles, because WE ACTIVELY DIRECT AND MANAGE THE PARTNER ROTATION. Every Registered Single of the full-3-day Seminar will rotate partners according to this system, designed to optimize partner rotation. Registered singles may not pair up as partner couples to avoid partner rotation.

Partner couples registering together as designated partner couples when paying for the Seminar are exempt from partner rotation.



The following timetable is subject to change, and is provided as approximate guide. To our guests from out-of-town, we recommend planning to arrive in Santa Barbara no later than Friday late afternoon, and to leave no earlier than Sunday after 7pm. Give yourself time to enjoy beautiful Santa Barbara; arrive early, leave late!

Seminar topic: "The great 4: Boleo, Sacada, Barrida, and Gancho"

Friday 11 Aug.

7pm-8:30pm Seminar Session 1.

9pm-10:30pm Seminar Session 2.

Saturday 12 Aug.

2pm-4:30pm Seminar Session 3.

6pm-8pm Seminar Session 4.

9:30pm-2am(+) Blue Moon Milonga DJ Ashvin Iyer (from San Francisco) with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne's exquisite performance! AND a most serendipitous celebration: Gustavo's Birthday!

Sunday 13 Aug.

1:30pm-4pm Seminar Session 5.

5pm-7pm Seminar Session 6.



Registrations have no refunds.

Prices are subject to change.

Gustavo and Giselle 12-hour Seminar + Saturday night Blue Moon Milonga with performances and Gustavo's birthday celebrations:

Full Program is $385 pre-paid, cash or credit card via PayPal. Drop-in price possibly subject to change up to 10%.

SATURDAY PASS: A limited number of Saturday-only passes, 4.5 hours of instruction (Seminar Session 3 and Session 4), and the Blue Moon Milonga are available: Single Dancers $155 per person pre-paid, send email WITH A PHONE NUMBER to ONLY WHEN READY TO REGISTER. Partner couples unrestricted while space available at $260 per couple pre-paid. Drop-in subject to change possibly up to 10%. Click here to register.


$25 at the door.

Table Reservations while space available. click here.

The Great Four

"The Great Four" Seminar

“The Great Four”

It is clear, at least to us, that the Argentine Tango is the most complex of dances. This complexity is due in part to the need for coordination between two people, for the use of the structure and the rhythm, and for achieving the desired technical quality of execution. The result is perhaps the most salient feature of the Tango: a shockingly wide breadth of ideas and countless choreographic possibilities, be they sequences, steps, figures; and the consequent infinite variety of “shades”.

A lifetime is not enough to travel such a vast choreographic territory. However, there are some movements or "choreographic ideas" that emerge from such vastness as representative of the tango; i.e., they define the dance genre, they define “the Tango”.  The reasons why these ideas have become iconic of the tango are neither few, nor easy to explain. Maybe it's because of their visual appeal; perhaps because of their difficulty, or ease of execution; perhaps by the spirit they bring to the dance; or maybe because they are unique and original. The truth is that there is no tango without these "inventions" and wherever you see them, you indeed see the Tango. We speak of the "sacadas", the "boleos", the "barridas", and the "ganchos"; “The Great Four!”

Given the vastness of the territory, there are those who think that in this defining group, something is missing, and others who think something does not belong; maybe. But we believe that those who master The Great Four can properly be said to know how to dance tango. Of course, to master The Great Four, a dancer must master other things: You have to turn well; you have to control the pace; you have to master the coordinated balance between two people; you have to handle the weight transfer; you have to ... well ... the list is very long.

Our intent in this program is to work in depth on “The Great Four” for the basic technique of each one, the rhythm, and the range of possible variations, so as to carry them out in their isolated forms or in combinations, from simple to the ingenious! You may also get a few crazy variations ... Would that perhaps be representative of the future?  We look forward to seeing you at the seminar, “The Great Four!”

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

The Blue Moon Milonga

The Saturday night (12 August) milonga will feature exquisitely selected music, DJ Ashvin Iyer from San Francisco, and a warm and welcoming ambiance. Our new location is a beautiful and very spacious studio that's one of the most inspiring in all of Southern California; efficiently air-conditioned, and with a superbly comfortable hardwood dance floor. Performances by Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne will dazzle and inspire us late into the night! Light refreshments will be abundant. Gustavo's birthday celebrations will add fireworks to the evening's festivities!

The pictures are here!

To see pictures of Gustavo and Giselle's previous engagements with TangoTurns, please click here.

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