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The Follower's Choice

Men go to milongas for many different reasons.

Some (not all) look for followers who dance well.

Your competition won't teach you

how to become a coveted follower

for how well you dance.


I will.

Small group and private instruction for followers

with Fardad Serry.

I am not Argentinean, but I have met countless tango teachers from Buenos Aires, including very famous ones, who couldn't or didn't want to teach a follower how to become a coveted partner for dancing well.

I have studied and danced the follower's role for 20 years, and understand more than enough about the role to help me teach what I know is necessary for you to become a coveted follower for dancing well. What's more, I really would want you to be the best dancer you can be.

In my small group sessions "The Follower's Choice", I will dance with you, and you will have a chance to learn some things that will make a big positive impact, on your way to becoming a coveted follower for how well you dance.

My next small group class date in LA is:

Thursday 17 August '23

email me for information and registration.

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