What makes for a desired partner in social tango dancing?

Coveted tango dancers are able to bring pleasure and instant gratification to their partners dancing to most music under nearly all floor traffic conditions.

Like all things valuable beyond the superficial, this ability can only develop and flourish when the dancer works at it. But that is not enough; it's only the first requirement. Many tango dancers work at it and never become coveted partners in dance.

To navigate the crowded roster of teachers is equally important because, even if a dancer has the genuine desire and keeps it despite repeated setbacks because of poor teaching, (s)he may not become a dancer who is in demand as a partner.

Seeking and finding a teacher who knows HOW to teach, has the eye for seeing and the body awareness for sensing detail of movement, a genuine passion for TEACHING, and an insatiable desire to see the student learn well, ... is the responsibility of the student because, because it is the student that benefits the most from it.


In our country, anyone and everyone who wants to, can be a "tango teacher".

In Los Angeles Metro area between 150 and 200 people teach group and/or private Argentine tango lessons. Most take their responsibility to their students as seriously as they take a hobby.

This works just fine, because most people who go to tango dance classes are not really there to learn how to dance tango well: they are there to duplicate some step combinations; but more importantly, to socialize, meet new people, and to be told how well they are doing, no matter what they are doing.

We have a different mission in teaching tango and we are looking for a special class of students: Those who find this tango dancing inspirational:

Inspiration 1

Inspiration 2

Inspiration 3

We are drawn to the interpretations of more creative, more interesting davcers like Gustavo Naveira, Giselle AnneChicho Frúmboli, Moira CastellanoJuana Sepulveda,  ,

Teaching tango dancing well is difficult, even when the student genuinely desires and works at it to dance well. But learning to dance well does not have to be nearly as difficult as the teaching. THAT is exactly where we differ from other teachers, making it possible for our students to learn to dance well and enjoy dancing well, much faster than students elsewhere.

If you want to try one of our classes, we offer two options for free:

Sunday 22 March 2020 in Tarzana.

Sunday 29 March 2020 in Santa Barbara.

You will need to come with a dance partner.

Exploring deeper and wider the limitless diversity of the vast repertoire of the recorded tango music of the Golden Age, and some of the more modern compositions requires that

  • feet are unshackled

  • embraces are not consensual prisons

  • teachers have a natural gift for teaching 

Without creating chaos on the dace floor, you can defy dogma and meaningless asinine rules forced onto social tango dancers that stifle creativity and individual expression.

You can learn to dance tango far above and beyond the stale, redundant, all too predictable regurgitation of tango caricatures for facebook pictures and poses.

You can learn to dance far better than to satisfy judges who pretend not to understand the meaning, let alone the value, of originality, individuality, and true improvisation. Like Ostriches with the heads in the sand.

To join our classes please visit the calendar page.

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