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"Hey DJ: What was that you just played?"

I invite you to a milonga where the music is unlike any you heard lately. That is a promise!

This music selection is guided by a childhood passion that matured over more than 20 years of professional DJ experience:


From the time I was old enough to press the play button on old tape players, I loved to play music for others: at home; at school; at family gatherings; and in my mind, for imaginary crowds! Later, for ten years I was DJ in some of Chicago’s hottest underground dance clubs in the 80’s and 90’s, spinning for 300-400 people at a time when House Music, Gotham (the genre, not the movie), Industrial, and New-wave swept the city that has always been at the forefront of musical innovation across all genres. And from 2003 until today, I have enjoyed playing music for my guests at my own milongas.


The accessible recorded tango music repertoire is full of gems you never hear in milongas, not just in LA, but hardly anywhere in North America. That is because fads rule the night, it seems every night, at milongas.


A handful of “hits-of-the-year” are played everywhere over and over; “hits” that seem to hypnotize impressionable DJ’s, only to be thrown out the window when the next ones are “discovered”.


Where there are fads, there are also rebellions of course!


So, on the other end, we sometimes get the feeling that a DJ is out to pick a fight with the whole world through his or her musical choices.


I offer you an alternative to both. One that is highly personal, mature, and full of surprises that please and hopefully inspire you to dance your best—all night long!


Come in and dance to tandas of thoughtfully assembled tangos, valses, and milongas that complement each other, while each remaining coherent and convincing on its own; music that brings comfort and closure to the end of the week, but without putting you to sleep. No, in fact, inspiring you for another week!


My milonga is mainly about the music and the people who dance in it. That is more than enough if I take it seriously--which I do!

Come enjoy dancing your best tangos; there are no judges, no attitudes, and the DJ is certainly not the evening's celebrity. We celebrate instead your presence.

I will be waiting to greet you and play music for you!


Fardad Michael Serry

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