Sunday 29 Dec.

with Fardad and Lucia Serry

19320 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana/Los Angeles CA 91356


w/ 10 minute mid-session break

Two kinds of tango dancers: Creators. Copiers. Which one?

Some dancers are content with the mediocre and the mundane. We are not!

How about you?

Creativity has a chance to flourish when we

  • stop trying to duplicate the mundane, including for the judges and the cameras;

  • stop following the crowd, the boring, and the bored;

  • say no to dogma and give our time and effort the respect they deserve,

by being smart, really smart, and choosy about where and with whom we take our tango lessons.

No teacher in Southern CA dances or teaches what we do, guided by Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne,  and by Chicho Frúmboli, Moira Castellano, and Juana Sepulveda. We have trained some of the best tango dancers in the country, and you can see some of the testimonials of our students since 2003 (all unsolicited) here.

We invite you to find your own voice in tango with us.

You need a partner for this workshop. If you like we can share your email address with potential partners.

Technique and musicality are the focus. The music is diverse, and the material is accessible to anyone who CHOOSES  to engage the mind with the body.

Punctuality is greatly appreciated!

Refunds only on cancellations.

  • Partner couples $75 prepaid here.  $90 Drop-in.

  • New customer partner couples $50 per couple here. $75 Drop-in.

Volcadas, Colgadas, and Ganchos is an introductory workshop series for dancers who have some experience beyond the beginner level. All topics are presented at different levels of technical requirement, so everyone except absolute beginners is welcome.


We are inspired by the dancing of Chicho and Moira, Chicho and Juana,  and above all, Gustavo and Giselle. That's why we refuse to blend in with the  army of cookie-cutter teachers that are busy producing cookie-cutter dancers.

Not everyone who goes to a tango class is there to learn to dance tango. We invite you to join a few who do!

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