For TangoTurns Festival
18-20 September 2015
Santa Barbara, CA USA
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Monday 31 August

14261 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
("Dance with Me" Studio)

7:45pm Warm-up & Welcome
8-9pm Beginners Tango Class
9pm-9:30pm Practica
9:30pm-10:30pm Structure & Technique Class for Social Dancing (Rooted in System of Turns)
10:30-11:45pm(+) Practica
with Fardad Michael Serry & Lucia Ma

Having a partner is recommended (and costs less).
You may find a partner at the class, but we cannot guarantee it.

Space is limited. Pre-registration strongly recommended.

Each Class and Practica $10 per person.
$15 Partner Couple Pre-Paid Beginners Class & Practica

$15 Partner Couple Pre-paid Structure & Technique for Social Dancing & Practica 

$25 Partner Couple Pre-paid Two classes & Practicas

10:30pm Practica Only $5 Drop-in

Payments for this event count fully as credit towards registration for workshops at our September Festival. Click here for Festival.

Space is limited. Singles please fill out the form.

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Classes are dense of information and accessible to everyone, guaranteed to engage the mind as actively as the body. They challenge some popular technique and lead-response concepts, and offer clearly-reasoned alternatives. All material taught is immediately useful for dancing at a Milonga.

Since 2003 we have taught hundreds of social dancers by emphasizing the tangible things we can articulate unambiguously and teach effectively, leaving out vague and subjective concepts like passion and romance and love. This approach avoids disillusionment, hastens progress, and, we have found, enhances the enjoyment of the dance.

We dance for the love of music and the joy of it!

The music does not (have to) love you back, but dancing well to music does demand attention to fundamental technique and structure, leaving no other option. This structure and technique are NOT associated with a style, and this point is very important to emphasize.

Saturday 5 Sept.
222 W. Carrillo St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

8pm "Turns Beyond Fundamentals"
with Fardad Michael Serry & Lucia Ma
Partner IS Required for this class. Closed to Beginners.

9:30pm-11:30pm Potluck Practica
w/ feedback available from teachers.
$5 for Class Participants. $10 Singles Drop in. $15 Partner Couples Drop in.

Sunday 6 September
Westlake Village

31320 Via Colinas, #107 (California Music Academy), Westlake Village, CA 91362
(Off Via Colinas, turn into "Westlake Village Industrial Park". Drive up the slope; after the second speed bump, turn into parking lot on the right.)

Tango for the Thinking Man and Woman


Structure & Combinations

Combinations & Musicality

10% Discount applies with Continuity Package.

Customized continuity package discounts are available. Just ask and we'll most likely find a way to teach you tango at your budget.



The Music at Our Milonga          

Musical fads come and go.

We seek, find, and play the best of the finest living composers, bands, and orchestras of today, too; the age of the music is irrelevant.

But we are not alone in noticing that today you will hardly ever hear most of the once-popular new tunes that played at milongas just 5 years ago. On the other hand, almost everywhere, you will always hear some of the music that played at milongas as far back as 70 years ago.

Why is that?

Some art is timeless, and some art has a limited life time.

We play timeless pieces of music, old or new, but not music that's hip today yet sure to disappear in a few years. How can we tell the future? We don't have to; the music speaks for itself!

Troilo, Di Sarli, Pugliese, D'Arienzo, Fresedo, De Caro, Piazzolla, Biagi, De Angelis, Tanturi, Lomuto, Donato, D'Agostino, and tens of other orchestras and their revered singers have lasted because their music is timeless. Add to this the modern gems like Color Tango and you have literally thousands of pieces from which to choose for a balanced repertoire of a memorable milonga.

Of course having a seasoned DJ with a solid musical education and with knowledge of the orchestras, singers, and history of the tango music also helps.

We select each set carefully from our treasure trove of about 5000 (and growing) total tangos, milongas, and valses, and we repeatedly receive compliments form the most discriminating of tango listeners and dancers visiting us from all over the globe: musicians, tango professionals, seasoned milonga organizers, and equally important, from among our own tango dancers.

Come dance with us; we're waiting for you.

Who is a "Brave" Tango Dancer?

We borrowed this definition of "Brave" tango dancer from Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, the preeminent tango dancers of the world today.
They say the "Brave" tango dancer is the one who is ready to stand up to the tango in its entirety.

We like to add this: The brave tango dancer is the dancer whose desire to learn more of the dance is always superior to his or her ego. The one who knows, beyond giving lip-service to the fact, that the tango is infinite and that the dancer will never be. The moment a dancer's ego becomes stronger than his or her desire to learn more of the tango, the tango itself starts reciprocating this change in attitude, and progress becomes hampered if not reversed.

"Brave" Beginners:
ALWAYS some of the material in a "Tango for the Brave" class is readily accessible to "Brave" beginners. Much of it is challenging for beginners, but it is never inaccessible to the "Brave" beginner! Those beginners who are not afraid even of making a fool out of themselves once a while, we'll take their hands and walk them into the tango world as far as they like to go, as fast as they can keep up.

"Brave" Non-beginners:
ALWAYS every experienced tango dancer will be challenged by some of the material in a "Tango for the Brave" class. We take the dance seriously in this type of class, but not ourselves so much.

Are you the "Brave" tango dancer?
Come dance with us; we're waiting for You!



Location #1

The beautiful, year-round air-conditioned studio where we tango in Santa Barbara.
222 West Carrillo Street, Upstairs from CVS Pharmacy, (Arthur Murray Studio)

Downtown Santa Barbara, CA, USA

If coming from 101, take Exit 98A (CARRILLO STREET)

Enter through gate on Carrillo St. If gate closed, enter through door in Rusty's Pizza parking lot, up the stairs above CVS pharmacy.

Parking available adjacent to studio.


Location #2

31320 Via Colinas, #107, Westlake Village, CA 91362
This studio has an excellent suspended dace floor and full mirrors on two sides and a very nice lobby!
If this is your first time, you can all us to help with directions:


in TangoTurns Festival 2015
Performances by Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne
and Federico Naveira & Sabrina Masso

Saturday 29 September
222 West Carrillo St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

$35 per person milonga only. Price subject to change.
(For options including workshops and/or Seminar, please visit Festival Website)

Please click on the PayPal link below to purchase
one pass at a time, and make sure to enter name and email address. Thank you.



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